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    Unite wireless microphones.
    Freedom is now limitless.

    Presentations with all-round carefree package

    With Unite, you need never worry about frequencies: No registration, no license fees, and frequency management is automatic. Digital, noiseless transmission and intelligent DSP algorithms mean the system is perfect for speech applications. The Unite access point makes four microphones possible simultaneously. The Unite Access Point makes it possible for four wireless microphones to be used simultaneously. The synchronisation of up to eight Access Points makes up to 32 channels possible. By reducing transmission power, parallel operation is possible in a near unlimited number of rooms.

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    Unite has many different applications. Test Unite and experience the benefits of the system yourself.

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    With Unite, you need never worry about managing frequencies. The system takes care of this itself with great agility. The DECT standard is applied practically worldwide, is future-proof and requires no registration or fees.


    Unite has been optimised for speech applications. The transmitters balance out voices of varying volume, differing speaker distances and female or male voices, among other things. Disruptive background noise is also eliminated.

    32 channels

    You can operate up to four radio microphones using just one 4-channel access point. You can synchronise the access points for up to 32 channels.

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    If many rooms are equipped in parallel with more than 32 wireless microphones in total, the transmission power can also be reduced to allow an even higher number of microphones to be used simultaneously. All microphones can be configured and monitored from a central PC by means of the Ethernet connection of the cockpit chargers.

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    Complete your Unite system very simply with Unite RP beltpack receivers and IL 200 induction neckloops and make your events accessible for those hard of hearing. The neckloop inductively transmits the sound directly to hearing aids or cochlear implants This makes it easy for you to achieve accessibility for the hard of hearing in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities for equal participation in society and the DIN EN 60118-4 standard.

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    Use Unite as a wireless microphone e.g. for presentations, meetings, conferences and in educational institutions. The versatility of Unite also enables multiple uses of the system: for example, additional receivers can be included for events with whispered interpreting or silent PA.

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    Unite means: you can speak to everyone, listen to everyone, and everyone can interact with each other. The potential uses for Unite are correspondingly versatile.


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